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This info repository is provided by All writings here are by Jim Dee, co-founder & chief dev at (a premier NFT agency specializing in Ethereum-based generative NFTs, smart contracts, minting applications, and NFT team advisory services). Everything you need to know about generative NFTs — running generative NFT projects, artwork preparation, and NFT industry articles — appears below. Please reach out anytime for assistance with generative NFT projects!

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Articles about Generative Art Preparation, Rarity Tables, and the Like

The articles below discuss numerous issues and considerations involved in creating generative NFT sets--especially focused on the artwork preparation end of things. If you need assistance with generating your artwork, please contact Jim -- Jim [at] -- who can custom-code a solution for any type of generative NFT project, from simple trait-shuffling to truly complex custom generative systems.

Articles About AI -- Using Midjourney, etc.

The articles below introduce people to AI through guides and tutorials. As of March 2023, this is a new area for Jim, who has released a generative NFT set leveraging AI imagery plus code, and also a 1/1 art set that marries AI, Photoshop, hand-drawn, and coded elements. These articles will help newcomers and experienced people get up to speed on using AI in art and NFT projects.

Articles on NFT Team Management — Building Teams, Running Projects, Strategies Along the Way, etc.

The articles here discuss NFT team building and management topics. Unless you're quite famous, doing an NFT drop will usually require an entire team of people -- founders, devs, advisors, marketers, social media experts, ambassadors, and all sorts of support. These articles discuss many of the most important topics that require planning and forethought if you're to be successful. If you're interested in having GenerativeNFTs be on your advisory team, drop us a line. Reach out to our CEO, Wendi, via our website at (Pop a note into our contact form that you're looking for assistance with advisory services.)

NFT Industry Pieces

The articles linked to below are general NFT industry writings by Jim. Like the pieces above, they are linked to in order from most recent to the older pieces. That said, many of the older pieces are still quite relevant in terms of various observations and trends in the generative NFT market. So, if you've got time, this section is highly worth reading.